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Marriage after 1842 (5602)
Publication: A. Y. L. Lifshitz Warszawa Poland, 1912
Citation details: page 25
Publication: Published in Lodz, Poland in 1938 by Nakladem Gminy Wyznanioej Zydowskiej m. Lodzi
Citation details: Page 191, Biography of Hebrew Registry 161
p.187 161 Chaskiel Naumberg, Rabbi of the town of Lódz .... After the death of Esther, Chaskiel Naumberg married Reyzl, the daughter of Rabbi Isahar, granddaughter of the renowned Maggid of Kozienitzki, with whom he also had a few children, a son and 3 daughters. The son of Chaskiel and Reyzl, Israel Mojzesz, resided in Warszawa where he died in 1924.
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