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MarriageShaya GrossbartView this family

Birth of a son
Meyer Grossbart
July 12, 1878 (Tamuz 11, 5638)
Marriage of a childMeyer GrossbartNechume SchonbergView this family
1906 (5666)
Publication: www.shoreshim.org
Citation details: Doc #: 3748 Beinesch Schoenberg Family
Doc #: 3748 Husband's Surname: Schoenberg Husband's Given Name: Beinesch Husband's Birth Year: 1840 Husband's Birth Location: Kraków Profession: fabrykant maki koscianej i kleju (manufacturer of Bone Meal and Glue) Wife's Surname: Schoenberg Wife's Given Name: Taube Sara Wife's Comments: died Daughter: Wiktoria Daughter's Birth Year: 1880 Daughter's Status: married Daughter: Jadwiga Daughter's Birth Year: 1881 Daughter's Status: Married
Note: The name Nechume matches the birth year of Jadwiga in the Kataster records.
Birth of a grandson
Dawid Nathan Grossbart
December 9, 1908 (Kislev 15, 5669)
Publication: http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/jriplweb.htm http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/Krakow/ http://www.shoreshim.org
Citation details: Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland, 1908 #868
Year: 1908 Akt #: 868 Registration Type: Birth Given Name: Dawid Nathan Surname: Grossbart Birth Date: Dec 9, 1908 Father: Majer Grossbart Mother: Nechume Mother's maiden Name: Schonberg