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Chayim Smuel WulkanAge: 71 years18651936

Chayim Smuel Wulkan
Given names
Chayim Smuel
Birth 1865 (5625)
MarriageGitla SchneiderView this family

Birth of a son
Isucher Ber Wulkan

Marriage of a childIsucher Ber WulkanPerel WechslerView this family
1921 (5681) (Age 56 years)
Publication: www.shoreshim.org
Citation details: #5194 - Osias Hirsch and Reisel Wechsler Family
Doc #: 5194 Last Name: Wechsler Husband's Given Name: Osias Hirsch Husband's Birth date: 1871-02-20 Husband's Birth place: Tarnow Marriage date: 1898-02-20 Marriage place: Krakow Address: Mostowa 2 Husband's Comments: Son of Mojzesz and Fradla Leser, died in 1932 Wife's Given Name: Reisel Wife's maiden Name: Schoenberg Wife's Birth date: 1878-07-28 Wife's Birth place: Kraków Wife's Comments: Daughter of Beinisch and Taube Sara Mann Daughter: Estera Lea, born 1893-12-28, married to Joel Majerczyk Son: Mendel Dawid, born 1896-05-15 Daughter: Perel, born 1898-03-31, married to Bernard Wulkan; by 2nd marriage Weichman Majer Noach Daughter: Kreindel, born 26/04/1901, married to Jakob Nebenzahl Son: Mojzesz, born 20/02/1903 Son: Baruch, born 29/07/1906
Death of a sonIsucher Ber Wulkan
1928 (5688) (Age 63 years)
Publication: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/Krakow/family.html
Citation details: Schonberg Tree
Death 1936 (5696) (Age 71 years)